Welcome Home – Faith & May!

! Faith 1

Two Cows for Murindi

“A cow is such a precious being for Rwandans, a symbol of love between a giver and a receiver. Owning it is life-changing. The gifts of cows from World Dance for Humanity have brought back hope for these people. There is no more trauma – they are much focused on building their future. You have given a way for them to create a sustainable livelihood. We cannot thank you enough – your deeds tell who you are as humanitarians.”
Justin Bisengimana – WD4H Rwanda Program Director

The Murindi Cooperative was started in 2012 by 40 widows – survivors of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide. Some were victims of rape and had contracted AIDS. With the help of World Dance for Humanity, the group has grown to 220 members. These courageous, enterprising women are working together to create a sustainable livelihood for their community by running a Micro-Dairy.

On March 18, 2016 Murindi Women’s Cooperative received two full-grown pregnant cows donated by two World Dance supporters, Ken and Sharon. Ken’s donation was a Christmas gift to his grandchildren, who named their cow “FAITH.” Sharon’s donation came from her Soulscape dancers, who have given a total of FOUR cows to our Rwanda communities. Sharon named their cow “MAY,” which is the middle name of her mother, mother-in-law, daughter, and new baby granddaughter. Thanks to Ken and Sharon, Murindi now has 7 cows (plus calves!) and can now begin their promising business venture.

VIDEO: See Faith & May in their new home!


2 Beatrice and Faith

“Seeing this cow makes me feel a lot of love from our donors and sisters. When you have a cow at home, you feel a sense of community belonging. We Rwandans know what a cow means beyond just fertilizer or financial benefit. We will change this community through livestock because we love the cows and we know how to care for them. We have been given what we really needed. Our donors don’t just donate but they first learn about what we need most. Your love shines in us and we will share it with as many Rwandans as possible.” Beatrice



2 leader 3 women

“This another miracle day for us, Murindi women. We are so much grateful for our sisters who always have good thoughts for us. Our long-term vision to raise more cows and become professional livestock farmers is becoming a reality. without you, there was no way THIS could happen.” Co-op President Anne Marie [in the middle]





2 Marie Irene

“If you compare how I was before with how I am now, you find such a huge difference. I am no longer the same Marie Irene. I have changed through the support we get from our donors – which includes cows, goats and education. What my friends have said is true. We cannot thank you enough. We can only pray for your blessings.” Marie Irene





2 Sylvia checked dress

“We bless our cows and donors who donated them. We will always carry you in our prayers because you are the ones who set up a strong foundation on which we are building our development. You have given Murindi women something to say and to be grateful for. We love you.” Sylvia [checkered dress on right]









2 Serathine red stripes C



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