Water for Ruganeheza

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Ruganeheza’s Water Project!

We have just launched our first water project in Rwanda – at the Ruganeheza (Taking Rwanda into a Better Future) Cooperative. This community is part of Never Again Fellowship, the group of 9 cooperatives we work with in Eastern Rwanda focused on reconciliation. Originally, we were going to help Ruganeheza purchase a rain water collection tank, as some of our other co-ops have done. But after much research and discussion, the co-op came up with an idea for a sustainable water source that would generate a steady income for their community.

There are many government-owned major water pipes that run throughout Rwanda, but they do not reach the remote rural communities. Ruganeheza decided to build a pipeline that would connect to the government’s water supply, allowing water to flow directly to their community. This is something the government supports and encourages, as it allows them to get water to more people. In addition to the pipes, Ruganeheza constructed a water housing structure, equipped with 3 faucets, from which they can sell water – at a very reasonable rate – to local people.

The business opened on February 12, 2017, and is going very well! This is a pilot project, and now other co-ops we work with are exploring the possibility of replicating it in their region.

For the first time in their lives, these people will not have to spend hours each day walking for water – and the income generated from water sales will help Ruganeheza create a stable, sustainable livelihood for all its members.

District Leader speaking at the ribbon cutting ceremony:

We thank you, Ruganeheza, for all you are doing to improve your lives, starting with a great focus on unity and reconciliation. We thank you, donors, for such a great job you have done to fund this water project. As you can see, it has such strong construction, it is built in a very strategic location, it is close to the road with a big number of community members. It will be the basis for long-term development in our community.

Water is very important in our lives. When people have water, they have good life. We drink water, we cook with water, and we do most of our household works with water. So we thank you so much for having supported us with this project.

I thank you Ruganeheza for how you live in harmony with one another. When you see Ruganeheza, you see released prisoners who asked for forgiveness. You see Genocide survivors, you see both young and old generations, which shows that you are practicing unity and reconciliation, indeed Ruganeheza is “Taking Rwanda into a Better Future.”

The new water source!

The new water source!

Working on estimates for the water project

Tracking the water business

The business begins

Income generation

Water celebration dance!

Water celebration dance

And a new calf!

Ruganeheza’s newest member!

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