Wednesday, June 22 – Pack Party #1

! Pack Party-FranCollinPhoto-2

“This is really happening! Today we packed some of the many donations that we will be bringing with us on our adventure: from soccer balls to school supplies, frisbees to fancy socks, T-shirts to toothbrushes! We are each allowed 2 checked bags, and those will be filled to the max with gifts for the 7500 people that we support. It will be amazing to meet each of these individuals face to face. Their story is sad, but they are rising up out of the ashes to build stronger communities, while striving to overcome extreme poverty and limited resources. I am humbled by their strength against such adversity. Can’t wait to get there, and hit the ground dancing.” – Annetta Patrick

pack (1)   ??????????

  ??????????   pack Brett 

pack Deb cleaning glasses   ??????????

  Packing done peops   ??????????



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